Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3 3/4 Alien Action Figure

A 3 3/4 Alien action figure with over 20 points of articulation?Yes please!I'm not sure what line this is from ,but it's a kick ass action figure!Yes,it's a little on the flimsy side ,but with so many points of articulation ,it's to be expected .The figure still holds up well although i broke his left arm joint at the elbow.Not a problem,seeing as how hes got two points of articulation in the elbow and i only broke one.Even after crazy gluing it ,his arm still swivels back and forth.But just look at the overall awesomeness of this figure!


You can even open his lower jaw and expose the infamous alien toungešŸ˜­

The exoskeleton on top of his head is also removable.

Thanks again,Brother !

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Collection Pics

With some new additions ,I thought I might share some of my updated display configurations.Not much has changed ,just a few new faces in the crowd.

First up,my Marvel Universe collection.This section is designated for heroes only with the exception of Magneto,Juggernaut and Sabre tooth.I see them as mis understood mutants.Well,Magneto anyways.I always liked the times when he fought side by side with the X-Men.

Here we have my Marvel Universe villains,with a couple of Toybiz figures mixed In. I may customize this Imaginext batcave to make It more of a headquarters for my Marvel villains.   

Doom and his cohorts in their getaway vehicle.Kong can be one of Mole Mans  creations. 

Castle Doom!

My Eastman Laird Mega Bloks Turtles display.

 On to my shelving unit.The top shelf consists of  larger sized vintage figures with smaller ,3 3/4 figures in front.The Transformer Is not vintage and goes against  all of my beliefs as far as repros go,but It just looks so damn cool and true to the original that I had to make an exception.

You'll notice my Raphael finally has a sai to place in his holster. Brothermidnight sent that over In this past trade we completed. The only other vintage TMNT figure Id like to add to this display is  Shredder.

 The second shelf consists of vintage MOTU and Wrestling figures .I've also made this my vintage mini figure display.

The third shelf down  Is be devoted to vintage Marvel.Secret Wars and 90's Toybiz figures will occupy this space.As far as  Toybiz goes ,I'm only looking for the X-Men and a few of the big names in the Superheroes line like Captain America ,Thor,Spider-man,Hulk and Dr.Doom.

The last shelf displays miscellaneous modern Star Wars,DC,and various movie properties on one side ....

...and a scant Joe display on the other.I should equip them with their accessories at some point.It really is the  saddest part of my overall set up. I've lost so much interest in G.I. Joe over the years.

On the floor I have my Deathstar set up with  Vader and Luke going at it.

Last but not least a small part of my wall showing off my Captain America Hot Wheels!I remember finding these on clearance for about a buck each at Wal Mart.I'm two short of a complete set.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Thanks, Brother!!!!

When I first started out this whole action figure blog thing,It was all about having a place to showcase my figures other than my toy room.Camaraderie  would ensue and then the trading began.I can't begin to tell you how much trading has helped me with  my collecting goals.Brothermidnight of Green Plastic Squirt Gun has been ,not only a good trade partner,but also a good friend.He's helped me fill holes in my collection with vintage  figures like Kenner's Michael Knight and Swamp Thing ,TMNT Foot Soldiers,M.U.S.C.L.E. as well as several MOTU figures.Thanks to him I have been able to cross off quite a few figures from my want lists and now I can cross off  a couple more!

I didnt even know I wanted that Alien figure.Brothermidnight knows what you want even before you do.That Mojo has been on my radar along with other Toybiz product that I feel blend in well with the modern MU figures.Lady Deadpool and Thorita were an awesome plus and that Smurf book is insane.But that freaking Moonknight figure steals the show.Hes been on my want but will probably never get list for quite some time now.My MU classic team of  Avengers is starting to take shape !Thanks Brother!Your package will go out this weekend :)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Desert Dogs Sound Fx.

As a kid,did you ever find yourself in need of a quick action figure fix?Maybe you were on vacation with your parents when you realize that your new surroundings would make for some interesting action figure episodes.Or was It that  long car ride when the boredom got so out of hand that   rest areas were designated ,not for peeing,but for action figure hunting? You would never be so lucky as to find anything you were truly interested in,either.Never a Joe in sight or a MOTU figure within reach. 
Just something passable enough to get you through your toy withdrawals,like this Desert Dogs sound fx generic military action figure. Now before you go calling this guy  Mel Appel ,understand that this is just the name of the company that makes these figures.In fact ,these guys are all nameless.A blank slate.But that was the cool part !They could be anybody you wanted them to be!

These guys also came with an arsenal and a cool sound effects feature!Sadly,the sound on mine is non functioning. 

If this guy looks familiar to you,It's probably because you've seen him before.There was a toy company called Marchon that released some knockoff Rambo military figures back in 1986. The figures all had similar faces with different hair styles.I loved them as a kid and used them as enemies for my Rambo figures.These guys were a lot larger in scale and had actual names.Desert Dogs Sound Fx figures wouldn't be released until 1991 ,so clearly and judging by the similarities ,Marchon sold off the rights.

The head and torso are solid while  the arms and legs are made out  of a softer plastic.Like a solid rubber.

I love It when toy companies make great common sense decisions.Speaker holes on the back of the figure,none of this holy chest nonsense.Also,no giant buttons to press.Just a small one on located on the   figures utility belt. 

The weapons are actually better looking than the ones that came with Rambo figures.The bazooka is made out of  a solid plastic  ,while the knife ,gun and holster all got the rubber treatment.Still,they look awesome!

He can hang on to his knife and bazooka pretty snugly  If positioned correctly. The gun not so much.It can be stored  away in the holster,though. 

Initially I thought these would be a little larger .Pretty much the same as the Marchon figures,but no.As you can see ,the Mel Appel figure falls in between the 3 3/4 and 6 inch mark.Do I want more of these figures?Yes!But I'll also be on the lookout for the  Marchon  versions,which are larger and look better next to my Rambo figs.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Thundercats Vintage

Thundercats wasn't a line I was desperately trying to add to my collection ,but felt like It was only right to do so at one point or another.I mean ,they were a huge part of the 80's cartoon and action figure scene.I just never collected them as a kid.I loved the cartoon but never got around to owning any of  the figures.Maybe it was the price point,or the simple 5 points of articulation ,not sure.I found these on eBay for about 5 bucks a piece!They all look great but the arm feature on Lion - O isn't working very well and all came to me  incomplete. I'm loving  S-S-Slithe! If anything,these three should ramp up my vintage toy collector cred while jazzing up my top shelf of vintage figures. I currently have larger ones holding up the back with the smaller Joes and other 3 3/4 figures towards the front.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Box O' Vintage!

               Got this in the mail yesterday.Will post about the contents a little later on today!